Oversea warehouse

CTO specializes in China-Thailand cross-border express delivery/ logistics services which provides high-quality and stable service for cross-border e-commerce. Besides, CTO also offers overseas warehouse service for e-commerce merchants.

The overseas warehouse is established by other country except the regions in the home country, generally it is used for e-commerce. Goods are exported from the home country and stored in the warehouse of the designated country by sea, freight, or air. The buyer purchases the goods online and the seller simply operates online to give an order instruction to the oversea warehouse to complete the implementation of the orders. Because the goods are released directly from the country where the buyer locates, hence it significantly shorten the time to ship logistics from the home country.

The warehouse is a critical part to link both the buyer and the seller in the modern logistics. Putting this part in overseas is not only beneficial for the expansion of the overseas market but also reduces the logistics costs.

With overseas warehouse, goods can be delivered from the buyer's home country, which can shorten the order timeframe, comfort the user’s experience and improve the repurchase rate. In addition, sales volume can reach a higher level.

CTO can provide sellers with one-stop services for warehousing, sorting, packaging, delivery, etc. The seller stores the goods in an overseas warehouse. When the buyer has an order demand, the seller can respond quickly, promptly notify the overseas warehouse to sort and pack the goods, and transport them from the oversea warehouse to the buyers, which make the delivery time much faster.

The overseas warehouse of CTO is located near Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. The warehouse has a construction area of 1,500 square meters. The main functional areas are: receiving area, tally area, storage area, operation area, shipping area, etc. Our overseas warehouses can simultaneously carry out two major businesses of importing cross-border e-commerce logistics and exporting cross-border e-commerce logistics. The average daily operation quantity of the warehouse is more than 5,000 parcels.