Land/air transport cross-border logistics from Thailand to Malaysia

CTO has cooperated with Malaysian quality partners to start a new cross-border logistics line between Thailand and Malaysia for land and air transportation. We are customer-oriented and provide pick& pack, delivery, customs clearance, and delivery in Malaysia for customers who have the needs of cross-border logistics services from Thailand to Malaysia. Based on the service concept of timeliness, stability and safety, we design various transportation solutions for customers to choose, and provide multi-channel transportation services for enterprises. With our company's integrity management and thoughtful service, we can ensure the customer's cargoes to arrive quickly and safely, the service quality awareness and standards have go deep into the minds of every CTO's employees. Full participation, comprehensive, mutual supervision, full monitoring, we try our best to ensure high quality completion of every transportation task for our customers. Our company's professional service attitude and comprehensive computer network ensure that you can accurately grasp the movement of goods and understand transportation information anytime, anywhere.

If you have business needs, please provide the product name, packing list, value, consignee address and contact information, consult our business manager. Thank you!