Sea/air transport cross-border logistics from Thailand to China

Since the foundation of CTO, we have been adhering to our absolute advantages of formal custom clearance in the cross-border express logistics field from Thailand to China, also the most reasonable prices, professional services and one-stop operation mode, all these ensure the international cargos can be delivered from Thailand to China in time.

We also integrate express delivery resources to optimize transportation costs, maximize transportation efficiency, and secure the safety of cargo.

Transportation from Thailand to China by Air:

Since established from August 2016, CTO Air Transportation Department has created an excellent business team. In 2018, they implemented a comprehensive information management for air import and export, to achieve seamless integration of office automation and business data, also to strengthen monitoring of cargo operation processes.

With powerful database management and convenient network query system, these provide guarantee for fast and efficient customs clearance and cargo transit

Transportation from Thailand to China by Sea:

Shipping by Sea is favored by customers because of its cheaper price. Over 90% of cargos not only in China but also around the world are being transported by sea.

Our company has won the favor and trust from our customers with lower but competitive prices, diversified service projects and experienced operation teams.

We have two years experiences in transportation by sea and its scale is constantly growing and expanding.

We also have a comprehensive set of operating procedures to provide customers with thoughtful and perfect service