Land/sea/air transport cross-border logistics from China to Thailand

Since the foundation of CTO, we have been adhering to our absolute advantages of formal custom clearancein the cross-border express logistics field from Thailand to China, also the most reasonable prices, professional services and one-stop operation mode, the waybill and tracking No. can be tracked since you send out the parcels till your clients receive the parcels, and also can be applied to Taobao and Tmall.all these ensure the international cargos can be delivered from Thailand to China in time.

We also integrate express delivery resources to optimize transportation costs, maximize transportation efficiency, and secure the safety of cargo.

While stabilizing the development of cross-border express/logistics business in Thailand and China, CTO integrated the advantageous resources of China and Thailand and opened new routes for cross-border logistics of sea, air and land transport from China to Thailand in early 2018.CTO undertakes large-scale freight, cross-border e-commerce parcels, personal bulk cargo, etc. which need to delivery from China to Thailand, we providing a variety of transportation solutions to meet the needs of different customers.The company follows the first-class service operation system, realizes comprehensive quality management improvement, and carries out real-time monitoring of goods collection, transportation, customs clearance, delivery, warehousing, tracking, etc.And customers can track cargo information at any time to ensure the safe, accurate and timely delivery of goods.

If you have business needs, please provide the product name, packing list, value, consignee address and contact information, consult our business manager. Thank you!